Dual Diagnosis Rehab

Co-Occurring Disorders

For many addicts, seeking treatment for drug use is only the first step in recovery. Mental and emotional issues must also be brought to the surface and treated.

Dual Diagnosis is a term for an individual who suffers from a substance abuse disorder as well as a mental illness. According to SAMHSA, in 2014, about 8 million people suffered from both an addiction and a mental health disorder.

Dual Diagnosis Rehab Treatment

Why are Mental Disorders Damaging?

There are multitudes of mental disorders, each affecting individuals in different ways. Generally, these disorders cause changes in a person’s thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

While mental disorders can be mild, if left untreated, they can grow and root themselves into an individual’s psyche. A crushing depression can cause thoughts of suicide. Uncontrollable mood swings can cause rifts between loved ones. In some illnesses, reality may even become skewed and distorted.

In combination with a drug addiction, these problems only amplify and worsen. In turn, mental disorders can also increase an addiction’s severity.

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Not all rehab facilities specialize in Dual Diagnosis treatment. With Step One Rehab, finding these facilities is only a phone call away.

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Why is Dual Diagnosis Important?

An individual suffering from addiction may not realize that they have an underlying mental health issue. Symptoms from disorders such as depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder often blend in with the effects of drug abuse. These disorders can be easily concealed by the tides of addiction.

An undiagnosed and untreated mental disorder can be damaging for addicts seeking treatment. Even if substance abuse is addressed through drug treatment, the underlying mental health issue still takes its toll on the individual. This can lead to relapse, because the addict never truly gets to experience sobriety with a clear mind.

Through Dual Diagnosis treatment, addicts are given a level playing field despite their mental illness.


Co-occurring mental and substance abuse disorders are difficult to treat, because the disorders often feed off one another. Fortunately, many rehab facilities are beginning to specialize in Dual Diagnosis treatment methods.

Rehab facilities that specialize in Dual Diagnosis are well equipped to deal with co-occurring disorders.  During treatment, both substance abuse and mental disorders are given integrated treatments, which work to remedy the issues simultaneously.

The Dual Diagnosis treatment method is especially useful for patients who have suffered relapses, or deal with severe emotional disturbances which prevent them from being successful is typical rehabs. Treatment aims to remove the roadblocks that are caused by undiagnosed and untreated mental health issues. This gives patients an unobscured path to sobriety.


Why Step One Rehab?

Step One Rehab only works with the top dual treatment centers in the nation. The truth is not all treatment centers are properly trained to handle a dual disorder, but will still take a loved one just to get people in the door. This may lead to further issues down the road, as the root cause of addiction may not be treated properly.

With our service you can rest assured knowing that you’ll be getting the best care and treatment in the country. We guarantee it. All of our rehab centers are certified to properly treat a dual disorder and get you on the right step to a lifetime of recovery.

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