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If you are used to the finest that life has to offer, than you only deserve the most luxurious drug rehabs available. You have probably been very successful in business, your career, or your other endeavors, but you may still find that you struggle with addiction. This is not a weakness, but it is a recognition of a health condition that impacts over 21 million Americans each year.

You are an amazing individual. Maybe you are a celebrity, a doctor, or you own a multi-billion dollar enterprise. Whatever the case, you should only consider the best drug rehab centers in the world. Although there is technically no such thing as a “celebrity rehab center,” we are aware of many luxury rehab centers where the rich and famous choose to go for premier-level care. 

The professionals at Step One Rehab recognize that you shouldn’t have to forego fine dining from the best chefs, a high-quality suite where you can sleep in peace, or the ability to run and manage your affairs just because you may need help with drugs or alcohol. We understand your dilemma and that you may also require extreme discretion as well.

Why should you consider a Luxury Rehab?

Luxury Rehab facilities are among the most successful rehab programs to date. They typically show higher recovery rates than other types of treatment options. They provide a level of comfort and relaxation that is unparalleled. In fact, the best rehab centers in California or Florida are equal to any 5-star resort. You will lack for nothing as you conquer your addiction and seek an even better life than you had before.

Recovery from addiction does not have to take place in a hospital setting. If you’re struggling with addiction and want to have a relaxing recovery, then a luxury rehab is for you.

One of the benefits of treated in a luxurious setting is that it assures you your privacy and relaxing comfort. Many people don’t want anyone to know about their addiction problem, and their stay can be explained confidentially to no one’s judgement. A private location also means you can fully focus on your rehab and not get distracted by any other aspects of your life that can provide negative healing environments.

Luxury Addiction Rehab Provide Top Quality Staff

The only obligation these high-end treatment facilities have is to their patients, so they are able to hire the best possible recovery specialists for their clients. Going with a luxury program also assures you much better staff-to-patient ratio. This means more one-on-one individual care. Because of this, luxury addiction programs are able to adjust to the patient’s needs when necessary. Individualized therapy and intensive one-on-one counseling are important benefits.

Highest Medical Supervision

You can expect better physicians on staff, then the average state run rehab program. Because of this patients can expect better physical care during treatment, which is especially crucial during the initial medical detoxification. Having the best medical doctors on staff is a huge factor for most families when deciding on a program.




What can you expect from the best rehab centers in the world?

  • Individual and Group Counseling
  • The best, PhD or Masters-level medical experts in the field of addiction.
  • A wide range of classes and Recovery Programs
  • Aroma-therapy
  • Massages
  • Spas and Pools
  • Nutritional Programs
  • Art and Creative Programs
  • Equine-Therapy
  • Gyms and Exercise Programs
  • Yoga
  • And more….


Premier Settings

Premier Settings

Private Gyms

Private Gyms

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy



What are top rehab centers?

The majority of the 100 best treatment centers for alcohol and drug abuse offer comparable amenities. The top-notch destinations have become the world-class way to seek treatment for addiction, especially among the social elite. Every desire you may have can usually be met, and if you have special circumstances, they will help work them into your recovery process.

Top rehab centers provide for a peaceful, stylish surrounding, and a relaxing environment. They not only help you face addiction, but they will allow you to do it in comfort, with your specific needs met. Most luxury rehab centers are situated in exotic destinations.

What to Look for in a High-end Luxury Rehab

When you are suffering with an addiction problem, it may seem that the costliest facility can be of the highest quality treatment. However, the fact is that the fees charged by a facility is not a sign of their quality or effectiveness. Instead of solely focusing on the luxuries given by a rehab center, you should consider the therapies, amenities and services provided, and their success rate.

The quality of care given is more crucial, but luxury centers can also keep you interested in the program for a longer period because of the comfort and amenities they offer.

To learn more about  Luxury Rehab please give one of our specialists a call today.

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Whether you want an East Coast Luxury Rehab with a view of the Atlantic Ocean, or a desert-style ranch treatment center with magnificent sunsets and a rustic atmosphere, Step One Rehab is happy to work with you or your loved-ones to situate you in the location and facility of your preference. This can truly makes the difference in your level of success.

Our goal is to find only the best rehab center for you. We want your needs met, and we want you to have an enjoyable, enriching experience. Give us a Call now. Don’t hesitate: your action could save your life. 877-348-7494

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