Men’s Rehab

Men’s Only Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Tailored for Men’s Needs

Under the thumb of addiction, both men and women require treatment for recovery. Male-only rehab facilities provide benefits that are tailored to the male disposition.

Men have unique needs when seeking treatment for substance abuse. Statistics show that there are several ways men abuse drugs and alcohol differently than women:

  • Men are more likely to drink in excess than women. While drinking excessively, men are also more likely to engage in high-risk behaviors

  • Men have higher rates of hospitalization and death due to alcohol

  • Men have higher rates of drug dependence than women (3.9% vs. 1.9%) 

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Male Focus

Men have different societal expectations than women. The pressure of these expectations can create a wall that bars men from reaching their highest potential. Combining these expectations with addiction creates a storm that is unique to males only. A rehab center with a male focus allows men to transcend their addiction and the societal ideals which may be holding them back.

Supportive Environment

Society teaches men that emotion is a weakness. This destructive concept is taken apart in rehab. During recovery, emotions and thoughts are crucial to effective communication with staff and fellow patients. Male-only rehab facilities give men a safe space to talk about their experiences, difficulties, and fears. Patients will find that they are not alone in their struggles.

No Distractions

A male-only rehab facility eliminates distractions by the opposite sex. In the presence of females, men are often reluctant to bring their barriers down. Men often see themselves as protectors of women. Sharing the experience of an addiction may be internalized as a sign of weakness. A male-oriented treatment gives support and reassurance to patients, with no pressure of fear of being anything other than who they are.

Finding a men’s rehab facility doesn’t have to be a struggle. Visiting Step One Rehab or calling 877-348-7494 will connect you to a rehab tailored for you or your loved one today.

Going to rehab is a remarkable step for any addict to take. When considering rehab, there are a few important things to keep in mind:

Duration of Stay The length of a stay in rehab can vary. The facility, severity of addiction, and type of treatment all factor in the time needed to progress into recovery.

Facility Location Step One Rehab connects with facilities across the country. Whether you want to stay local, or get away from it all, Step One Rehab can give you treatment options from coast to coast. Sometimes, going to a completely different environment is what’s needed to reach sobriety.

Insurance Coverage Step One Rehab will work with insurance companies to make sure a cost-free recovery is initiated for each patient. Having insurance information ready gives a head start to Step One Rehab staff in getting a speedy admittance.


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