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For those looking for alternative treatment, a non 12-Step rehab program may be the answer. So what is it, and why is it beneficial over the traditional 12 step programs?

Twelve-step programs are dominant organizations in America for addiction recovery. These 12 step programs, such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, are widely used due to their vast exposure and availability to addicts looking for treatment.

One size does not fit all. While the 12 step recovery model has countless success stories, there are those who don’t prosper in 12 step treatment. Luckily, there are alternative models for recovery.

Non 12 Step programs are just as, if not more beneficial as the traditional models. Non 12 Step Programs offer flexibility and individualization that is unheard of in typical 12 step programs. And as time passes and research on addiction grows, these alternative treatment methods become more commonplace for those seeking sobriety.

How Non 12 Step Treatment Works

One of the main focuses of non 12 step treatment is to look at the individual as a whole. In addition to addressing drug and alcohol abuse, these programs seek to repair other problem areas. Alternative or non 12 step methods are combined in a way that is most helpful to each individual, rather than forcing them into a set program.

The methods used in non 12 step do not require compliance to any one model or method of treatment. Each patient is evaluated with a full assessment prior to treatment to determine a customized approach to recovery. Addiction specialists then coordinate, assess, and make treatment decisions for the patient following a customized recovery plan.

Traditional 12 step programs see drug and alcohol use as the primary problem. For many addicts, this is only partially true. While curbing substance abuse is a necessary and vital step to recovery, underlying issues must be addressed for the individual to be successful.

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Non 12 step programs give patients the opportunity to be truly free from their addiction. The goal is to take in all the factors which negatively affect the individual’s life, and find solutions to each issue. Once the patient has been properly treated, they can walk out of treatment as a healthy individual, no longer an addict, and no longer afflicted by any underlying issues.

Differences from 12 Step Treatment (AA)

12 step programs are free to attend and can be effective for after treatment maintenance. 12 step programs tend to follow a rigid criterion that is slightly changed to fit the various addictions. Because of this, there are many ways that the ever evolving non 12 step programs differ from traditional treatment.

Non 12 Step rehab programs are beneficial because traditional 12 Step programs are focused on “support” rather than evidence-based treatment. Many clients seek alternative treatment methods of non 12 step because they realize they need to see a doctor more than they need to attend a meeting.

Reasons Non 12 Step Rehab Might Be Right For You

  • The need for highly customized and specialized treatment for initial addiction recovery and management; each individual is different and does not fit a single template.
  • Inability to deal with a group setting during initial withdrawal and treatment of addiction.
  • Having an issue with the spiritual Higher Power concept, either as a individual or as a religious “God-like” person who believes in a different definition of a Higher Power.

Cure for Co-Occurring Disorders

Addiction often goes hand in hand with mental disorders. These disorders are standalone issues from addiction, and need their own plans of treatment. Despite this, traditional 12 step treatment programs focus on addiction alone, with the idea that the simultaneous problems will vanish as the patient goes into sobriety.

In non 12 step programs, underlying mental health issues are brought to the surface. These issues are not treated just as a byproduct of addiction. These issues, such as depression anxiety, and PTSD, are given attention by counselors and therapists, who try to find the root of the problem. 

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Individualization in Recovery

Often, many members of 12 step programs are told they need to work the steps harder when there are lapses in recovery. Failures are often blamed on conflict with one of the steps, which some patients may find rigid and binding.

Non 12 step treatment programs are tailored to the individual. There are no unbreakable steps or rules to how the recovery process is played out. Patients are prescribed what is actually evidenced in helping them succeed.  

A Focus on Self, Rather Than Spirituality

Traditionally, many 12 step programs involve God or a Higher Power. The programs don’t commit to a particular religion. Spirituality, though, is a common topic and tool used in their models of recovery.

For those who don’t commit to a particular faith, or have a willingness to recovery without bringing spirituality into the mix, alternative programs are the answer. These programs function on the belief that recovery is more than the patient’s relationship with their higher power. Non 12 step programs allow patients to take responsibility over their addiction, and give them the personal empowerment needed to be successful in recovery.

True Freedom from Addiction

In 12-step programs, it is told that each member is always an addict, even after they stop using. Addiction is widely thought to be an incurable disease in these programs. There is no true “treatment” or “recovery”, just abstinence from a lifelong affliction.

Non 12 step programs view addiction differently. Addiction is seen as a disease, and as a serious issue. However, it is not seen as incurable. After a patient is in recovery, they are freed from addiction.

Successful patients always have to be aware of the potential to become addicted again. However, when they have recovered, they have truly recovered. And their success is by their own hand.

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