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Our locator resource page will help you locate substance abuse treatment centers in the state of Massachusetts.

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Psychological Center (Womens View) | Phone: (978) 687-1658
Franklin Medical Center (Beacon House for Men Recovery House) | Phone: (413) 773-4609×34609
Franklin Medical Center (Orange Recovery House) | Phone: (978) 544-6507
GAAMHA Inc (Pathway House) | Phone: (978) 632-4574
CAB Health and Recovery Services Inc (Residential Adolescent Program) | Phone: (617) 661-6020
Caspar Inc (New Day For Preg and Postpartum Women) | Phone: (617) 628-8188
Victory Programs Inc (Victory House/Recovery Home) | Phone: (617) 262-5032×15
Granada House Inc | Phone: (617) 254-2923
Gavin Foundation Inc | Phone: (617) 268-5517
Casa Esperanza Inc (Casa Esperanzas Mens Program) | Phone: (617) 445-7411
Victory Programs Inc (New Victories Recovery Home) | Phone: (617) 825-6088×4
Henry Lee Willis Community Center (Linda Fay Griffin House) | Phone: (508) 755-8990
North Cottage Program Inc (Halfway House) | Phone: (508) 285-2701×10
Jeremiahs Hospice Inc (Jeremiahs Inn) | Phone: (508) 755-6403
Gandara Center Inc (Addiction Recovery Program) | Phone: (413) 781-2234×104

Bay State Treatment

Massachusetts, also known as “The Bay State”, lies in the heart of New England. Massachusetts is the most populous state in the northeastern region of the United States. Over 80% of the Massachusetts population lives in the Greater Boston metro area. Boston us one of the most well-known cities in the nation.

Massachusetts features many significant landmarks in New England, such as the Boston Harbor, Fenway Park, and The Freedom Trail. It is also the home of several top-quality schools, such as Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Despite the state’s wealth of history and passion for education, there is an issue that is plaguing the Bay State. That issue is substance abuse.




Opioid abuse and addiction is not just a Massachusetts issue; it’s a nationwide issue. Opioids include illicit substances such as heroin and fentanyl. Many prescription painkillers are also opioids, such as Oxycodone and Vicodin. Many opioid addicts begin with prescription medications, and build a dependence on them. Due to the high cost and low availability of prescription opioids, dependents turn to alternatives such as heroin to cope with their addiction.

In a study of opioid abuse trends, the MA Department of Public Health found the following:

  • In 2014, approximately 53% of drug treatment admissions were for heroin. An additional 5.8% were for other opioids, such as oxycodone and methadone.
  • In 2015, there were over 1,300 opioid-related. When toxicology was available, approximately 700 of the victims tested positive for fentanyl



Heroin Drug Treatment
Other Opioids


Positive for Fentanyl


Of Drug Treatment Admissions Were for Alcohol Abuse
High School Students Reported Drinking
Reported Binge Drinking



The availability of alcohol makes it an issue for both younger and older generations. Binge drinking is especially dangerous for adolescents and young adults, who may be hesitant to seek help. Since it is a legal substance, abusers may ignore the signs of alcohol dependence. Alcoholism, however, is a serious issue that may need to be treated through counseling and addiction services.

In a study of alcohol abuse, the U.S. Department of Health and Human services, along with the MA Department of Public Health found the following:

  • In 2014, approximately 32% of drug treatment admissions were for alcohol abuse.
  • In a study of high school students, 40% reported drinking in the past month, and 22% reported binge drinking* in the past month

*Binge drinking is considered having 5 or more drinks on one occasion



Drugs such as crack, cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine, stimulants, and benzodiazepines are also prevalent in those with substance abuse disorders. The MA Department of Public Health found that 10% of drug abuse treatment admissions names one of these substances as their primary use while seeking treatment.


Massachusetts hosts numerous treatment facilities for those struggling with addiction. The Massachusetts Treatment Locator can be used to find these services. There are many different treatment facilities, prioritizing opioid abuse, alcoholism, and other substances. Different facilities implement different methods of treatment, so all individuals can find a facility that fits their needs.


Step One Rehab works with clients to find treatment facilities tailored to their needs. Massachusetts is a large state, with many facilities open to new admissions. Finding the right facility for you or your loved one can be tricky. That’s where Step One Rehab comes in.

Step One Rehab is dedicated to helping clients become admitted to a residential rehab facility. Step One Rehab will work with both the treatment facility and insurance providers to ensure that treatment comes at little or no cost.

Finding treatment for addiction doesn’t have to be a burden. For help with addiction recovery, call us today at 877-348-7494.