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Substance abuse is nondiscriminatory in who it touches. Many children and young adults suffer from the repercussions of drug use. Unfortunately, finding treatment specifically or children can be difficult.

Step One Rehab helps connects parents and guardians with programs that specialize in drug treatment for adolescents and young adults. These program are tailored to fit the needs of young, developing minds.

Children and young adults suffering from addiction require specialized forms of treatment that complement their transition into adulthood. Adolescent patients often require aid for emotional and behavioral issues as well as substance abuse.

Through an educated group of staff members, progressive treatments, and a positive community, young people can be released from the grip of substance abuse and released into a world which holds a brighter future.


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Why Choose Treatment?

Adolescents battling substance abuse need immediate and proficient care. Children and young adults are vulnerable to the lifelong consequences of drug use. Without treatment, addiction can strip away the hope for a promising future.

Seeking treatment for an adolescent engaging in substance abuse is a crucial step. Drug treatment programs give children and young adults the tools needed to abstain from substance abuse. Adolescents are given back the opportunity to thrive in a drug-free future.

Residential Treatment Programs

Treating adolescents for drug abuse can be a tricky task. During young adulthood, children are still developing behaviorally, mentally, and emotionally. Even with all the tools placed before them, many adolescents need an extra push to ensure treatment is permanent and effective.

Residential treatment puts clients in the optimal environment for success. Patients live on-site, and are provided with education, counseling, and activities. Staff members monitor patients 24/7, ensuring that each child is progressing on the path of freedom from substance abuse.

Adolescents should never feel alone on their journey for treatment. Through residential treatment, patients are able to connect with people of their own age facing similar challenges. Various group-centered therapies and activities are offered during treatment to thicken the bonds threaded in the community.

Residential treatment also ensures that clients stay on a successful trajectory. Facilities are closely monitored to ensure that no illicit substances gain entry. School and educational needs are provided, with each patient receiving individualized attention and care when help is needed. Behavioral complications are given consideration which aims to fix the deep rooted problem, rather than just punish the behavior.

Types of Therapy

Various types of therapy are utilized to give patients varied and effective treatments during adolescent rehab. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectal Behavioral Therapy (DBT) are commonly used in young individuals suffering from substance abuse.

These therapies aim to identify thoughts and behaviors which are detrimental to the adolescent’s personal growth. Through mindful thinking and emotional awareness, each patients is given tools to help make the transition into sobriety a smooth and relieving ride.

Many adolescent treatment facilities also provide specialized, activity-based therapies to their clients. These therapies seek to give young people opportunities to find passion and gratification in a healthy, rewarding activity. These therapies include:

Wilderness Therapy
Gardening Therapy
Fitness Therapy
Music Therapy

More activities may be available.

A Lasting Experience

The goal of adolescent treatment is to give each patient the opportunity to turn their lives around. Many young people have trouble taking the initiative to make lasting changes in themselves. In order for there to be a change, something dramatic has to set it off.

Adolescent treatment programs provide that opportunity. By taking the young person out of their daily life and routines, they are given the opportunity to flourish in a new environment. Treatment programs help make sure these positive changes remain after leaving the facility.

Explore a Promising Future

Children are the beacon of hope and change for the next generation. Drug abuse, however, can make that light sizzle out, and rob the child of their opportunity to make a lasting difference in the world.

Treatment can give that light back. In the face of substance abuse, seeking professional help can be the difference between a child falling short of their dreams, and a child shining with the stars.

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