“I don’t know what I would have done without the help of Step One Rehab. I have researched options online for months, trying to find the best detox/rehab for my son, who had a combination of addiction and pain management issues. He had been abusing alcohol prior to using opiates, which were originally prescribed for pain management after his six surgeries. Many detox/rehab programs offered detox, but not the pain management component. Often I was told no beds were available and to call daily. Other times I left messages and never received a return call. I heard about Step One Rehab from a family member who knew someone who made a connection with Step One Rehab.

“From the very first call I made, I felt I finally found someone who could help. My son, as with many addicts, did not want to go to rehab voluntarily. His fear was that they would help him detox, but would not treat the intolerable back pain. He was still working and felt he could taper down on his own. He injured his back again; he had tremendous pain and became desperate, using heroin, alcohol and not sure what else. His mental and physical decline was evident. It was heart-wrenching for parents and a brother who could not convince him to get help.

The staff at Step One Rehab recommended an interventionist, who had a similar experience to my son’s and had successfully recovered from addiction as well as managed pain without medication. He came to our home to meet us and my son. He texted my son daily and was able to make a connection with him due to his similar history of pain management and addiction issues. The empathetic and gentle manner of the interventionist conveyed to my son an understanding that my son had not found in anyone else. My son agreed to go to detox/rehab. The interventionist went on the plane with my son and was able to ensure my son made it safely to the detox/rehab. I cannot think of anyone else who could have accomplished this.

I highly recommend Step One Rehab. Their compassion, understanding and effectiveness were the key to the success of my son in seeking treatment.”


“When I first called Step One Rehab I was lost, I had never been to rehab before. I spoke with a really nice counselor from Step One Rehab, they had me on a plane the very next day and I was placed at one of their luxury programs on the coast in beautiful Southern CA. I’m currently 4 months and 5 days clean and sober.”

~Jaclyn M

“My mom recently went to two 12 Step Programs, each time she left within a week she had relapsed, and said she didn’t like AA meetings or the 12 Steps, I reached out to Step One Rehab, and they suggested an adult women’s only Non 12 Step Holistic rehab. My mom loved it, and has now been home living a sober life for almost 6 months now. Thank you S.O.R for giving my mom a new life.”

~Michael S

“My son was recently in a rehab facility in Florida and it unfortunately was not the right fit for him, I needed a new program immediately, I called Step One Rehab and they successfully transferred my son to a program in Utah were my son has been for over a year now, he is doing very well and is training to be a counselor. I’m now a very proud and grateful dad.”


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