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Treatment for Crack Cocaine Addiction

While a person may believe they are in complete control of their recreational use of Crack Cocaine, there are noticeable signs that they are not and that they need help.

At first a user may think Crack Cocaine gives them a feeling of euphoria or makes them more alert. But soon the negative effects take over such as impaired judgement, hallucinations, paranoia and then as the short hit wears off, depression.

Needing increasingly large doses to feel the effect; needing some of the drug just to feel okay and not sick, are signs that one is addicted. If a Crack Cocaine user goes without the drug and feels physically ill or feels an intense craving for the drug these are more signs that one needs help to get off of the drug.

If a Crack Cocaine user feels anxious when they don’t have a ready supply or if they are spending money they can’t afford, that is another sign that the drug is in control, not the user. The increasing need for the drug can lead to stealing and other poor choices.

Someone who is addicted might find themselves missing work and even missing time with friends. They might find they have an overall lethargy. They might stop taking care of their appearance and hygiene.

If drug use has led to any of the above or to dangerous behavior such as unsafe sex, sharing needles, putting oneself in dangerous situations it could be time to seek help.

Surely no one makes a plan to be controlled by a drug. It is frightening when it happens for the drug user and for the family. No one makes a plan to wake up in the morning nauseous, disoriented, and desperate for a fix. People find themselves in this situation and feel helpless and hopeless but there is help out there.

There are help lines to call to learn about treatment options. The best help is likely accessed through a family doctor. They can refer a patient to a psychiatrist or mental health professional who knows about all the appropriate treatment options.

There are treatments for various types of addictions and treatments to meet the needs of many different people. There are many professionals trained to help people with drug addictions of all kinds.

A drug user who has taken the brave step to realize they need help should go to their doctor and be completely honest about the amount and frequency of their drug use. They need to give the doctor a complete list of all of their symptoms. They need to let the doctor know all of the behaviors their drug use has led to. This information will help the doctor to find the best treatment option for the patient.

For any of the following symptoms head immediately to an Emergency Department immediately! Possible overdose, loss of consciousness, trouble breathing, seizures, signs of a heart attack.

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