What We Offer

What we offer is Zero-Cost Treatment Assistance. We understand that there is thousands of treatment centers across the country, which can make your search all that much confusing. Our caring counselors are here to help you find the treatment that you need and deserve.

Step One Rehab Offers You the Following Benefits:

  • Free of charge, zero obligation – There is never any cost to you to speak to one our counselors. Just as choosing the right rehab can save a life, choosing the wrong one can make things worse. At Step One Rehab we want to make sure you make the best decision possible. 
  • Placement tailored for you – Because there’s no one ultimate approach for a successful recovery, we’ll find the best alcohol or drug rehab facility to fit your own personal needs. Rehab centers need to fill beds, for that reason they’ve hired great sales teams to close calls not look out for best interest. Our counselors will be able to analyze all the important factors in your life such as, schedule, insurance, and budget and place you in the best rehab center for your needs.
  • Travel Assistance – In certain situations we will also be able to help with travel arrangements. Whether the best rehab center is close to home or miles away we’ll be there for you. 
  • Insurance Assistance – Lets face it, dealing with insurance companies can be at the very least frustrating. Working with insurance companies at a time like this is the last thing you need. Our insurance counselors will deal with this step of the process for you. Once your insurance benefits are verified we’ll be able to go over the different options with you. Most insurance companies cover 100 % of the cost.
  • We only work with the best rehab centers – Step One Rehab only works with the best rehab centers in our country. Whether its dual diagnosis or 12 step addiction recovery, rest assured we’ll find the best rehab center for your needs.
  • Many more benefits call us today! 
 For a no cost no obligation call with one of our counselors please
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