Women’s Rehab 

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment for Women

Tailored for Women

Women face unique issues when facing a drug addiction. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, in 2014, almost 16 million women used illicit drugs during the past year. A women-only rehab can give support and power back to females while recovering from an addiction. Being around women with similar issues gives female patients the comfort and acceptance needed to flourish in recovery.


There are several challenges women face when going into rehab:

  • Every 3 minutes, a female goes to the ER for prescription pain killer abuse (CDC)

  • Women develop a dependence to abusive drugs faster than men

  • Women enter treatment with more severe mental, social, and behavioral problems than men

  • Women can harm their child when abusing drugs and alcohol during pregnancy

  • Drug addiction also uniquely affects pregnant women: The use of alcohol during pregnancy can cause Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, which causes distinctive facial features and learning disabilities in babies.

  • The use of opioids during pregnancy can cause low birth weight and breathing problems for the infant. It can also cause Neonatal Alcohol Syndrome, which occurs when the infant becomes dependent on opioids due to the mother’s drug abuse.

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No Holding Back

Women’s rehab centers offer many benefits to women. Having space from friends and family can provide a much needed break for women needing to reevaluate their relationships. Being away from the opposite sex and around other female patients reduces distraction in recovery. Each patient will find fellow wives, mothers, and daughters in recovery, looking to share their fears and struggles with women who understand.

Safe Space

According to NIDA, women who are victims of domestic violence are more likely to engage in substance abuse.

Dealing with the trauma of abuse and addiction is both challenging and crucial for those women. Being in a female-oriented rehab can be a crucial part of recovery for victims. When facing trauma, being around patients of the opposite sex may be stressful and uncomfortable. In a women-only rehab, the effects of abuse begin their end at the door.

Step One Rehab aims to find a rehab tailored to each patient’s needs. The goal is to find a facility and plan which resonates with the patient, and promotes sobriety in the individual. For many women, finding strength within other women with similar experiences and stories is the solution. Call Step One Rehab at 877-348-7494 today for help finding the right facility for you or your loved one.

When looking at rehab facilities, there are several key factors to keep in mind:

Duration of Stay The length of a stay in rehab can vary. The facility, severity of addiction, and type of treatment all factor in the time needed to progress into recovery.

Facility Location Step One Rehab connects with facilities across the country. Whether you want to stay local, or get away from it all, Step One Rehab can give you treatment options from coast to coast. Sometimes, going to a completely different environment is what’s needed to reach sobriety.

Insurance Coverage Step One Rehab will work with insurance companies to make sure a cost-free recovery is initiated for each patient. Having insurance information ready gives a head start to Step One Rehab staff in getting a speedy admittance.

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